1. Collecting of information

We collect information for you, when you make a registration in our site, when you register in your account, join in a competition and/or when you unregister. The information we collect includes your name, e-mail address, telephone, address for delivery, date of birth, data for issuance of invoice and info for your orders in the site of PartyDrinks.BG.


  1. Useof the information

Every information, which is collected from you may be used only and entirely for implementation of contract relations between you and the site PartyDrinks.BG for an indeterminate period of time. We perform the following actions:

  • To personalize your experience and to answer to your individual needs;
  • To submit modified advertisement content;
  • To improve the custom service and your needs of support;
  • To connect to you via e-mail;
  • To make a competition, promotion orpiece of research;


  1. Confidentiality during performing of e-commerce

We are the only owners of the information gathered via this website. Your personal identification information will not be sold, exchanged or transferred to any other company for any reason without your allowance, unless in the cases it is needed an order or transaction to be fulfilled as for example sending an order to you.


  1. Protection of the information

We use different safety measures for protection of your personal information. We use avant-garde methods for encryption to protect your custom information, which is carried over online. Only employees, which have to do specific operation (for example preparation of bill or custom service) have an access to personal information. Computers/servers, used for keeping of personal identification information are kept in protected environment. Do we use cookies? Yes. Our cookies approve the access to our site and identify the regular visitors. Our cookies also approve the experience of the customers through the improvement and targeting of his/her interests. But using the cookies is not connected with whatever personal identification information of our site.


  1. Un-subscription from the email subscription

We use your email address provided by you for the purpose to send you information and updates concerning our website. If at any moment you decide that you want to un-subscribe from your email subscription we have provided instruction, please inform us, so we to remove your email from our bulletin.


  1. Deleting information

We are engaged in every moment to delete the client’s information, which identifies you as a client, including the information such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, address for delivery , date of birth, date for invoice issuance and every information, which connects you with the orders, made through the site PartyDrinks.BG. If you want to delete your personal data (name, e-mail address, address for delivery of the order), you have to write to our e-mail address info@partydrinks.bg, where you may write your wish to be deleted your personal data (name, e-mail, phone number, address for delivery).


  1. Disclosure in front of third parties

The company, which processes your personal data is Interactive Tactics LTD, where the company doesn’t reveal information for your personal data and your orders to third sides unless it isn’t connected with execution of your order or we has to discover this information by governmental body or the relevant competent court.

We don’t sell, trade or transfer your personal data to outer parties under no circumstances. That does not include trusted third parties which help us for the operation of our website or conduct our business under the condition that the parties agree to protect this information in full confidentiality.


  1. Your rights

Using the site Party.Drinks.BG, you have the following rights:

- right of restriction of treatment to your personal data;

-right of portability of your personal data (only after e-mail, sent by you with request for it to email address info@partydrinks.bg);

-right of correction of your personal data

-right of delete of your personal data (only after e-mail, sent by you with request for it to email address info@partydrinks.bg);

The quoted rights according to the current point may be used by you through sending an email with concrete demanding for it or instructions how to dial by yourself to mail address: info@partydrinks.bg. You may connect to our employee on telephone 088 999 0101.


  1. Agreement

By using the site Party.Drinks.BG, you agree with our policy of confidentiality and a policy of keeping the personal data.