Tequila Jose Cuervo Silver 700ml

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28,38 лв.

Tequila Jose Cuervo Silver 700ml

Alcohol: 38%

Origin: Mexico

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Tequila Jose Cuervo Silver 700ml

"Tequila Jose Cuervo Silver" produced by acclaimed Mexican company Jose Cuervo tequila and is made from the blue agave, with a peppery taste. The main ingredient for "Margarita" or for shots with salt and lemon slices.

The blue agave plant is distinct with its specific taste. Due to its limited areal and production quantity, the genuine blue agave is a rarity and the tequila that has been distilled from it is the most sought after and loved by the connosieurs.

Алкохолен градус from 35° to 45°
Обем 700 ml.
Ценови клас 25 - 50 lv.
Origin Mexico

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