Penderyn Welsh 700ml

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66,00 лв.

Whisky Penderyn Welsh 700ml


Origin: Scotland

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Whisky Penderyn Welsh 700ml

The Welsh Whisky Company is founded in Wales in 1998 year. There are provements, that Welсh distillate since 4th century. The distillery is located in the Beacons National Park. The first whisky production starts on the Saint David’s day – 1st amaarch 2004 year.

Whisky Penderyn Welsh is a Scotch malt whisky, which is distilled in a special copper pot. It ages in bourbon and wine Madeira casks. It is fresh, sweet and palatable dry whisky. It wins a golden medal for the best whisky in the world at the International Whisky Competition in 2012 year.

Отлежалост till 8 years old
Алкохолен градус from 45° to 55°
Обем 700 ml.
Ценови клас 50 - 100 lv.

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