Glenfarclas 105 1.0L

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54,39 лв.

Whisky Glenfarclas 105 1.0L

Alcohol: 60%

Origin: Scotland

New product

Whisky Glenfarclas 105 1.0L

Whisky Glenfarclas 105 is a Scotch single malt whisky form Glenfarclas distillery, Scotland. It has a dark peaty color and a rich, complex nose with aromas of oak, apples and pears ant caramel.The taste is rich and spicy, with notes of oak and sherry fruits. The final is amazingly smooth, warming, with a lingering smokiness.  

Отлежалост till 8 years old
Алкохолен градус from 55° to 65°
Обем 1000 ml.
Ценови клас 50 - 100 lv.

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