Leffe Blonde box 12 pieces x 330ml

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28,50 лв.

Beer Leffe Blonde  box 12 pieces x 330ml


Origin: Belgium

price for 1 piece =1,91lv

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Beer Leffe Blonde  box 12 pieces x 330ml

Beer Leffe is a Belgian abbot beer, type alle, is produced and bottled in the Belgian brewery company “Anheuser-BuschInBev, Louvain. The trade mark “Leffe” is one of the Belgian brands of beer, which has the right to wear the symbol Erkend Belgisch Abdijbier /The recognized Belgian Abbot Beer/, which notes the keeping the standarts of the Union of the Belgian brewers.

Beer Leffe Blonde is one of the products of the Leffe brand. It is a light, strong beer with a golden color, lightly spicy taste and fruit aroma, with notes of coriander, banana and apple.

Алкохолен градус till 35°
Обем 330 ml.
Ценови клас Up to 25 lv.

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