Martini Extra Dry 1.0L

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17,88 лв.

Vermouth Martini Extra Dry 1.0L


Origin: Italy

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Vermouth Martini Extra Dry 1.0L

In 1863 year the founders of the company in Torino invented a unique and secret recipe from selected herbs and high quality wines form the gardens of Piedmontez. Today Martini Vermouth is based on the original recipe, to keep its unique character of blend of 40 plants all over the world. Martini Extra Dry Vermouth has a balanced and delicate taste thanks to disitillates of raspberry and lemon on the background of orris.

Алкохолен градус till 35°
Обем 700 ml.
Ценови клас Up to 25 lv.
Origin Италия

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